What is Shadow Consulting?

As defined by Webster's Dictionary:


10 a : an inseparable companion or follower

1 : providing professional or expert advice
2 : of or relating to consultation or a consultant

    In essence Shadow Consulting is an inseparable companion for your business by providing valuable professional and expert advice and service.

    Shadow Consulting is there to help the small-mid size business organization improve upon or setup an information technology solution for their company. Whether it is through setting up a physical department with staff, policies and procedures, or by providing services to the business in the form of Software Development, Networking design and support, or general Techincal Support for systems and end-users. Shadow Consulting can provide the experience and resources your company needs without becoming a major financial burden.

    So the next time your company needs a partner to help them implement or work on an IT solution, partner with the one company that can provide everything you need including good customer service.